We live with our four Ridgebacks - the girls Tali, Zina and Moyo and the studdog Mashama - in a little village about 25 km south of Leipzig.

The dogs are a part of our family, of course they live with us in the house and enjoy long walks as well as cuddling hours on the sofa.

The first "meeting" with a Ridgeback Kathrin already had in her early adolescence - it was a photo of two Ridgebacks in a GDR dog book without any further statement about the breed. Already at that time fascinated (naturally only by the optics first), we later then together "swallowed" any information we could get about the Ridgeback from books and the internet. And after the first real meeting it was quite clear to both of us - the Ridgeback simply "is it".

And so our Tali became part of our little family in June 2000. She enriches our life daily and we can't imagine life without her anymore.



Actually, we "only" wanted a simple "family dog", any thoughts about showing or breeding we would have laughed off at that time ...
Well ... as you can see at "TALI" - "Showresults" and "A-Litter" and "B-Litter" a few things have slightly changed ;))

And since one Ridgeback is great but two naturally would be even better - little Zina came from Scotland to live with us in October 2002. She is a little whirlwind (sometimes we are about to say brat ...) with nothing but nonsense in her pretty little head and makes our life turbulent, however, we also don't want to miss her anymore.

From our second litter we kept a little girl, Moyo, and a boy, Mashama. We never wanted a male in the house and it was a long and hard decision, but in the end we just couldn't give him away. Together the siblings cause all kinds of mischief, but one just can't stay angry for long ...

If you would like to meet us and our dogs, please call us or send an e-mail. We would be pleased about your visit!


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